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Team Concept Drives Connections IRIS Consultant Services

Sharing experiences and discoveries improves our IRIS program services

In developing an innovative approach to our Connections IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) consultant services in Wisconsin, we decided that a team approach would most benefit IRIS participants who have physical or developmental disabilities, or are older adults who qualifiy for the IRIS program.

As a result, we organized our network of Connections IRIS consultants to work together as a team to share important information and discoveries to benefit all IRIS participants we serve. Connections operates with geographic regional team managers and local consultants who communicate daily to keep the flow of information out in the open to benefit all of our IRIS participants in Wisconsin.

Our team managers also serve as IRIS consultants to better understand and serve you. As a result, our team managers play ongoing roles sharing knowledge and expertise among consultants to create strong bonds and help develop partnerships with statewide organizations to enhance community connections for participants.

Below, you'll find our IRIS consultants located in the Milwaukee, Northeast and Racine/Kenosha Regions of Wisconsin.


Milwaukee Region


Irina Arndt

IRIS Consultant Team Member

Irina Arndt has dedicated her entire career to human services, helping people with various life challenges lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. From The Republic of Uzbekistan, Irina speaks fluent Russian. Before joining the Connections Team, Irina worked with another IRIS consultant agency, helping older adults and people with disabilities, as well as their families and caregivers, set and achieve goals.

Passionate about public health, Irina has worked as a translator for doctors and patients, translating appointments, medical documents and forms. She also participated in a two-year World Health Organization (WHO) project to help Uzbekistan improve and develop their public health sphere, as well as restructure their health care system to match with international practice. Through this program, Irina took courses within the United Nations Development Program. She also used her human services skills to educate people in the Russian community about domestic violence and spousal abuse.

Throughout her work, Irina believes in open and honest communication with her participants. By guiding them in setting, defining and achieving their goals, Irina helps them live independent, safe and happy lives.

When not working as an IRIS Consultant, Irina loves spending time with her three sons. She also enjoys reading, exercising and painting and repurposing furniture.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-265-6812 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: irina.arndt@lsswis.org

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Robert Brookshire
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Robert Brookshire is an enthusiastic and energetic IRIS Consultant who is very excited to be part of the Connections team. Robert’s passion is to focus on the needs and desires of others, which has successfully developed his skills as an IRIS consultant.

Robert joins Connections with 10 years of experience working with people who are physically and/or developmentally disabled, six of those years with the IRIS program. His ambition is coupled with a passion for working with people who face adversity and the knowledge to assist with the most complex of situations. Robert’s experiences include working with veterans in the mental health division at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center, assisting those struggling with physical disabilities and mental health issues. Robert has also worked with at-risk teens in a group home setting as a mentor and counselor, providing role modeling behavior, problem solving and conflict resolution skills in an effort to educate, empower and protect our most valued resource -- our children.

Most recently, since 2009, Robert has been a consultant with the IRIS program, working in collaboration with participants, their families and community resources to help improve and change one graced-filled life at a time.

“I pray for a compassionate spirit and expertise to offer those who seek my skills as your consultant. I pray for continued clarity of purpose that I may hold the Connections vision steady and keep my focus on the needs and success of others, which in turn will bring success to our program.” 

414-308-7815 | 414-281-4400 | Email: robert.brookshire@lsswis.org

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Terri T. Carson 
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Terri T. Carson was born and raised in Milwaukee, and has more than 13 years of experience working with children and families who have dealt and struggled with mental health illnesses, as well as developmental disabilities. She is extremely familiar with Milwaukee County and all its neighborhoods, and has worked with many different cultures, as well as diverse social economical backgrounds. 

Prior to joining the Connections IRIS consultant team, Terri served as a mental health supervisor directing a team of care coordinators who partnered with children and families to assemble a child-and-family team. Terri also built rapport and empowered families.

She also used her talents as a supervisor working with children in the child welfare organization. Terri assisted and supported her team by defining problem areas, assembling facts and recommending solutions. She connected families to community resources and helped them utilize them most effectively.

Terri also worked as psychiatric crisis worker with the Milwaukee County Mobile Urgent Treatment Team (M.U.T.T.), responding to crises affecting children under age 18. She also served with the same program in the Milwaukee Public Schools, grades 6 through 12, responding to school truancy and mental health issues.

She has a life-long passion for learning. Terri received her BS degree in educational policy and community studies from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, her MS degree in human service–organization management leadership from Springfield College of Human Services in Milwaukee and is currently working on her doctoral degree in educational leadership from the University of Phoenix.

Terri is a true people person, a social being who enjoys speaking with families, hearing their stories and what makes them excited and happy. In her free time, Terri enjoys attending church services, spending time with her family and friends, going for walks, watching television, shopping, and listening to all types of music especially R and B, gospel and jazz.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Contact number: 414-335-9020 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: terri.carson@lsswis.org

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IRIS Consultant

Mrs. Collins 
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Mrs. Collins is excited to work with the Connections team because she enjoys working with people to assist them with reaching their goals.

She brings more than 16 years of experience working in Milwaukee County. She’s worked with adults, children and families who were in need of independent-living skills, mental health services and community services. Having worked with many different cultures and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, Mrs. Collins has a wealth of knowledge about community resources.

She received her BS degree in therapeutic recreation management from Alabama State University and an MS degree in counseling. She also holds a certification in family mediation from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

Mrs. Collins enjoys building a rapport with families, while assisting them to connect with needed resources in order to reach their life goals. When she isn’t working, Mrs. Collins enjoys traveling with her family, going for long walks, listening to music and planning community events.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-305-8499 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: neaokia.collins@lsswis.org

Neaokia Collins State Bio Form

Kevin Fech 
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Kevin Fech serves as a Connections team manager after working with IRIS individuals as a consultant since 2010. He feels his greatest joy when a man or woman achieves his or her goal – and he’s been a part of helping the person achieve that success. He feels happy when he can help a young man move out on his own, with proper supports, or if he can assist an older adult woman to realize that she can volunteer at the same food pantry where she receives supplemental necessities. He says it’s wonderful to help a young woman to get connected with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and see her smile as she realizes that her dream of community-based employment has become a reality.

Kevin also has served on the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities since 2009, and on the Disability Resource Center oversight committee for Milwaukee County. A father of three teenagers, his oldest son has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism, and is also non-verbal. His son is going through the transition process from high school to community-based employment, as well as the transition from the Children's Waiver to the adult system. According to Kevin, he doesn’t advocate for his son’s rights – he advocates with him.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-325-3118 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Cell: 414-232-7490 | Email: kevin.fech@lsswis.org

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IRIS consultant for Connections

Tara Johnson
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Throughout her career, Tara Johnson has shared her strong passion for working with the community by serving the community in a variety of entities, and now looks forward to applying that passion to assist Connections IRIS participants.

Her most recent work experience was helping inmates who had been released to a halfway house setting before their probation/discharge. This program allows inmates to start building and preparing themselves for living in the community through securing employment, and learning about budgeting and planning. 

Tara also served children and their families in the Child Protective and Head Start realms, empowering families to advocate for their loved ones. She has also helped special-needs adults living in a group home setting. In this role, Tara encouraged family communication and correspondence, which she feels is essential in anyone’s life. 

She graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor’s degree in social work and a minor in social sciences. Tara discovered when she was a Brownie in the Girl Scouts that she wanted to devote her career to the social service field. Now she’s excited to share her knowledge and commitment to helping others while serving as an IRIS consultant with Connections.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-524-9354 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: tara.johnson@lsswis.org

Tara Johnson State Bio Form

Tiffany Kneeland
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Tiffany Kneeland has devoted her 20-year career to helping people with disabilities and older adults to live their best lives possible. While she has worked with individuals in various settings, she loves the self-direction aspect of the IRIS program, and is excited to help individuals self-direct support and services as an IRIS consultant team member with Connections.

Most recently, Tiffany served Milwaukee IRIS program participants as an orientation consultant. In this role, she explained the program to new participants, made initial calls, reviewed individuals’ paperwork to ensure eligibility and visited with families in the program to help ensure a positive experience.

Prior to her work in the IRIS program, Tiffany served as a care manager assisting people in the Family Care program in Milwaukee. Here she also worked with individuals with physical and developmental disabilities and older adults. Before that, Tiffany worked as a care manager to coordinate medical, psychiatric and skilled nursing care, medical equipment, and assisted with referrals to social services resources within their communities.

She also worked as a program supervisor in a group home that cared for adults with disabilities. There, she managed staff, ensured that yearly recertification requirements for the home were met, coordinated medical needs for clients, and assisted with the setup prevocational, community and social activities.

Tiffany especially loves working for the IRIS program because it encourages independence, so each individual is able to discover his or her strengths within the community setting. She also very much enjoys working to bring out the “hidden talents” of participants in the program – so they are able to offer the best of themselves to their communities.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Tiffany earned a BSE in special education.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-639-5350 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: tiffany.kneeland@lsswis.org 

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Wendy Kube 
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Wendy Kube has spent her 30-year career serving as a social worker assisting older adults and people with dementia or disabilities to connect with community resources to help them live fulfilling lives.

Most recently, Wendy served as a social worker on the short-term rehabilitation unit at the Lutheran Home in Wauwatosa. In this position, she assisted clients with discharge planning and securing in-home services prior to discharge. Wendy led regular care conferences with clients, their families and the interdisciplinary team to determine discharge goals and offer recommendations.

In this role, she assisted with setting up needed in-home services including nursing, caregivers, physical, occupational and speech therapy, medical and non-medical equipment and anything else needed to ensure a successful transition home.

In addition, Wendy assisted with finding alternate living environments if the individuals were unable to discharge back to their previous living situations. She also served as the primary contact for client concerns/grievances, and was responsible for completing admission and discharge paperwork, social histories and Medicare-required assessments.

Wendy is very excited about working as an IRIS consultant for Connections because she has a strong belief in people living their lives to the fullest and having control over how they want to live. She looks forward to getting to know individuals in the IRIS program and assisting them with realizing their goals. She has two grown sons, and she and her husband enjoy swing dancing, golfing, biking and traveling. 

A licensed social worker, Wendy earned her BSW in social work from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Contact number: 414-207-3844 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: wendy.kube@lsswis.org

Wendy Kube State Bio Form

Amanda Miller

IRIS Consultant Team Member

Amanda Miller believes in providing services that enrich the daily lives and wellbeing of the individuals she serves — mentally, emotionally and physically.

She spent the last eight years working with adults with developmental disabilities and various physical disabilities in a community-based residential facilty (CBRF), adult family home (AFH) and an independent supportive living setting. She worked as a direct care provider for about five years, then in a leadership role for an additional three years. Most recently, she worked with adolescent-aged at-risk youth in out-of-home care services. Her experience working with at-risk youth involved those with mental health diagnoses, emotional disorders, behavioral issues, delinquent behaviors, as well as children in protective services.

Personally, Amanda and her family are avid sports fans.  They even started their own sports program involving AAU basketball teams for a variety of ages.  They travel around Wisconsin and Illinois with youth to different tournaments and are involved with the WAWM park and recreational programs.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-795-0742 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: amanda.miller@lsswis.org

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Quiana Robinson

IRIS Consultant Team Member

A Milwaukee native, Quiana Robinson has passionately served the community for more than eight years, helping adults, children and families gain employment and learn skills to live self-sufficient lives. She is excited to be an IRIS Consultant, sharing her knowledge with those she serves in the Connection program.

Prior to joining Connections, Quiana worked as a youth treatment counselor, providing guidance to adolescents with mental and developmental disabilities in a residential setting. She’s also worked as a case manager for the Wisconsin Works (W-2) Program and the FoodShare Employment Training Program, aiding low-income families with employment preparation as well as assisting them through various state programs. She provided direct support to these individuals, helping them overcome personal barriers so they could become productive members of society. Quiana especially enjoyed working as a prenatal care coordinator, where she helped low-income women with high-risk pregnancies receive early and continuous prenatal care services, nutrition education and referrals to other community services.

She received her bachelor’s degree in communications from Concordia University in 2007 and is currently working towards the completion of her master’s degree in human services.  Quiana invites challenges as she views them as additional opportunities to learn and grow.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-323-9347 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: quiana.robinson@lsswis.org

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Mia Lott-Rogers

IRIS Consultant Team Member

Mia Lott-Rogers has worked with individuals with disabilities — those who are developmentally disabled, physically disabled and the frail elderly —  for more than ten years. Her most recent professional experience has allowed her to work with young adults who are transitioning from high school into adulthood.  She gets great satisfaction working with young adults as they discover and realize their potential, which has included going to college, securing employment and choosing to live on their own with supports. She has worked at an Independent Living Center establishing a strong foundation in the self-determination movement.  Being a long-time community member of Milwaukee County, she has a extensive resources and contacts. With a passion for working with people with disabilities, she has served as a disability advocate, both professional and personally.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-305-8152 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: Mia.Lott-rogers@lsswis.org

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IRIS consultant for Connections

Jane Ruh 
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Jane Ruh is very excited to bring her direct experience and dedication to serving IRIS participants to her position as an IRIS consultant for Connections. She brings more than 20 years of work and personal experience to this position. Jane previously served for six-plus years as an IRIS consultant working with people from numerous cultures and diverse social backgrounds, including Hmong, Russian and Palestinian participants.

In addition, Jane managed a staff of 13 caregivers working within her home to care for her nonverbal quadriplegic son with very complex needs. Plus, Jane supports her mother to meet her long-term care needs in her home.

She feels exhilarated when she can partner with a person to achieve his or her greatest goals, whether it’s finding free or minimal cost social events, day services or day care within their community, achieving a driver’s license, finding a job or going to school. Jane also feels joy in helping a woman or man get connected with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and realize his or her dreams of community-based employment.

Jane embraces the self-direction aspect of the IRIS program, and is excited to help individuals to self-direct support and services as an IRIS consultant team member. She cares about spending time getting to know people, and she has strong beliefs regarding people living their lives to the fullest and having control over how they want to live.

In her spare time, Jane loves spending time with her family and grandchildren, gardening, going to Harley-Davidson events on her motorcycle, and she enjoys preserving her own food/jams and baking cheesecakes. 

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-639-5589 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: jane.ruh@lsswis.org

Jane Ruh State Bio Form

Natara Tate

IRIS Consultant Team Member

Tara is thrilled to work with Connections because she enjoys working with people, assisting and connecting them with resources in the community, and helping them set and reach their goals. She enjoys building relationships with families and assisting them in all aspects of daily living. 

Tara has more than 10 years of experience working with families through her role with Milwaukee County, as well as in behavioral and mental health and advocacy roles. She has worked with people from many different cultures and is familiar with community resources that are available to specific diverse backgrounds. 

In her free time, Tara enjoys traveling, shopping and reading. While she likes animals, she is unable to be around them due to asthma and allergies. She is also unable to have direct contact with cigarette and cigar smoke. 

Toll-free: 844-520-1712  | Direct: 414-639-5350 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: natara.tate@lsswis.org

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Northeast Region


IRIS consultant for Connections

Barbara Bohr-Schroeder
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Barbara Bohr-Schroeder is excited to work with the Connections team because she loves people and has a strong desire to help people achieve their dreams.

She has more than 20 years of experience working with individuals who are physically and mentally disabled and elderly. Barbara has also worked in various capacities such as in case management, group home management, day program facilitation, and served as an independent living skills counselor. Plus, she has experience assisting hospice patients

Barbara also offers her skills as a massage therapist where she performs massage therapy for clients at various venues. Prior to that, she worked at United Health Group where she assisted members to help them select the best benefit plan options, including enrollment in specialized care programs. She also recently worked for Community Care where she provided case management services to disabled adults and frail older adults. In that position, she collaborated with other professionals to ensure members’ needs were met.

Barbara earned a BS degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She also graduated from the professional massage program at Sister Rosalind Gefre Schools and Clinics of Massage and is certified in massage therapy.

She very much enjoys helping others, and is passionate about helping people with disabilities. Barbara enjoys finding resources for people to help improve their lives – and loves to spend time getting to know people. In her free time, she volunteers with hospice organizations, and spends time with her family and friends. 

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Cell: 715-460-6939 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: barbara.bohr-schroeder@lsswis.org

Barbara Bohr-Schroeder State Bio Form

Lu Ann Desotelle 
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Lu Ann Desotelle brings 30 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities to her role as a Connections IRIS consultant team manager. She earned a bachelor science degree in education/therapeutic recreation and completed post-graduate work in educational psychology at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.
Before joining Connections, Lu Ann served as a support and service coordinator for Door County Human Services. In that role, she provided comprehensive case management to adults with developmental disabilities. She also completed assessments, functional screens, and person-centered and outcome-based planning. In addition, Lu Ann completed individual service plans, authorizations, financial eligibility, crisis and behavioral plans, restrictive measures plan, and ongoing monitoring and support for individuals. 
Through her work as a service coordinator, Lu Ann learned that each of us has our own dreams of the most meaningful and successful lives. She also learned that when people are granted choice and control over their lives they are able to realize their dreams. These could be small dreams such as owning a garden plot in the community garden, attending church with a friend or finding a caregiver who really understands. Or, they could be big dreams like owning a Habitat house, getting married or reconnecting with family. Fulfilling dreams could also mean finding a good job, joining a committee, service club, church group or community organization. 
Lu Ann also finds that community projects, special events and activities are more interesting and enjoyable when all members of the community are included. She feels that all of these things are possible when people make connections, meet new people and work side by side with friends. Lu Ann is very excited to be a part of supporting people in realizing their dreams through Connections.
In addition to her position with Connections, Lu Ann and her husband own Appletree Kennels, a boarding and grooming kennel located in Sturgeon Bay.
Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 920-304-6592 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: luann.desotelle@lsswis.org 

Kerry Walker 
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Kerry brings more than 20 years of work, and personal experience as a mother of a child with disabilities, to her position as an IRIS consultant for Connections.

Prior to her IRIS consultant role, she spent 20 years working for Specialized Services in Sturgeon Bay, which provides nurses and in-home care providers to serve Door County-area residents. For the last 15 years, Kerry served clients as the office manager in charge of billing, payroll, scheduling, client contact and service coordination.

Kerry also serves as the parent liaison for the Southern Door County School District with the Wisconsin Statewide Parent Educator Initiative (WSPEI). She assists other parents who have children with disabilities as an advocate to help them find resources, training, and offers IEP or personal support.

She received a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay majoring in Human Development.

Kerry is excited to put her deep community knowledge to work for IRIS participants – so they can connect to needed resources and get what they truly desire for their lives. She lives in southern Door County and enjoys time with her family attending local sporting events and campfires.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Office: 920-730-1345 | Cell: 920-365-2594 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: kerry.walker@lsswis.org 

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Heidi Heuring

IRIS Consultant Team Member

Heidi Heuring’s desire to work with older adults started in high school when she worked part-time as a nursing assistant at a local nursing home in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. After graduating from high school, she started her 14-year career with Elder Care of Wisconsin, where she worked with adults with dementia, developmental disabilities and mental illness in the adult day centers.  During that time, she also attended MATC where she received her associate’s degree in human services. She continued her work with Elder Care of Wisconsin as a supervisor for their adult day center, which specialized in irreversible dementia and memory loss.  In 2005, she relocated to Appleton with her family and took on the role of a full-time mom.

In her free time, Heidi enjoys spending time with her family, reading, gardening and sewing.  She is thrilled to be a member of the Connections team, where she is able to make a difference by helping participants get the resources needed to remain independent in their communities. 

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 920-843-3549 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: heidi.heuring@lsswis.org

Heidi Heuring State Bio Form

Racine/Kenosha region


IRIS Consultant

Brian Polk 
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Brian Polk is excited to work with the Connections team because he’s a passionate and steadfast advocate for self-empowerment and is committed to assisting others to achieve their goals.

Brian brings more than 10 years of experience in the human services field working with at-risk youth and adult populations. Before joining Connections, Brian worked at St. Charles Youth and Family Services, Inc., as a program manager and served as the vice president of 24-hour residential programs. In these roles, he assisted youth with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. Brian has also worked in various capacities of case management, implementation of individual services and crisis plans, and aftercare planning for individuals. 

A life-long resident of Racine, Brian is married and the proud father of two daughters. He serves as a committed role model and advocate for youth and others through athletic coaching. Brian is also elated to be a founding member of Positive Men Making a Difference, which is a non-profit organization comprised of African American businessmen and leaders. The organization is currently working with the Racine Unified School District and the Violence-Free Zone Project.

Brian earned a bachelor of arts degree in criminology and legal studies from Marquette University and later a juris doctorate from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. 

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-617-0682 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: brian.polk@lsswis.org

Brian Polk State Bio Form

IRIS Consultant for Connections

Gina Ramazini 
IRIS Consultant Team Member

Gina Ramazini has helped individuals improve their lives through her work in the human services field for more than 15 years. And for the past several years, Gina has served individuals as an IRIS consultant – now a member of the Connections team.

In this role, she enjoys encouraging IRIS participants to gain independence, become active in their communities and use all their abilities. Gina enjoys helping participants of different cultures and diverse social economic backgrounds to discover resources, and she loves hearing their success stories.

In addition, Gina has provided respite care, daily-living skills, applied behavior analysis therapy and community outings for a non-verbal autistic woman for 15 years. She has experience working with individuals with bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, persuasive developmental disorder, drug and alcohol addiction, and pregnancy and domestic violence with children and adults. Plus, Gina has aided youths in transition through creating a PATH. And, she actively volunteers at a domestic violence shelter.

Gina earned a Bachelor of Science degree in human services from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-617-9586 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: gina.ramazini@lsswis.org

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Armintta Franklin

IRIS Consultant Team Member

Armintta Franklin is a life-long resident of Racine. She has six years of experience working with adults and families. Her focus is making sure individuals have access to resources needed to live self sufficiently. Armintta’s many years of volunteer experience and 25 years working for the City of Racine have connected her to a variety of resources. She is passionate about making sure members of the community live a fulfilling life and maintain their independence.

Armintta prefers a pet-free environment.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 262-321-1240 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: armintta.franklin@lsswis.org

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