Who better to know what IRIS services you need – than you!

Self-determination in IRISSelf-determination is a powerful and historic term. It was perhaps best described by a former Milwaukee school teacher, Golda Meir, who as the first Premier of Israel said, "We want only that which is given naturally to all people of the world — to be masters of our own fate, in cooperation and friendship with others."

When the IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) program for long-term care in Wisconsin was developed, it was inspired by the concept of self-determination – enabling people who select IRIS to have more choice and control to live a free and independent life. The core values of self-determination drive the IRIS program in Wisconsin:

  • Freedom to decide how you want to live your life
  • Authority over a specific budget
  • Support to organize resources in ways that are life-enhancing and meaningful to you
  • Responsibility for the wise use of public funds and recognizing the contribution you make to your community
  • Confirmation of the important leadership role of self-advocates and families within the system they rely upon

Self-determination gives you the power

The independent living, aging in place and self-advocacy movements all encouraged the concept of self-determination, realizing that those in need of long-term care are in the best position to know what they want and need in order to live a connected life in their communities. Wisconsin has been a leader in working to enable those who are aging, and people with physical and developmental disabilities and their families to be masters of their own fates, in cooperation with others, and with the support they need. Connections is committed to providing that support.


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