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In addition to our Connections IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) consultants to serve your needs in the IRIS program in Wisconsin, we also offer you a team of dedicated behind-the-scenes professionals who work to ensure that your experience in the IRIS program works smoothly and helps you live your life to the fullest. These experts have a long history of serving the needs of Wisconsin residents to receive the services and support necessary, and they understand the state requirements to improve your experience in the IRIS program.

Below, you can learn about our friendly IRIS referral specialstists and other IRIS experts who work to make your experience in the Connections program a positive one.


Delora Bolden 
Referral Specialist Senior

Delora Bolden serves as Connections’ referral specialist serving IRIS participants from our Milwaukee headquarters. In this role, she is the first point of contact for participants who select Connections as their IRIS consultant agency. Delora communicates with IRIS participants to help them understand the IRIS program, shares steps for getting started with Connections consultants and coordinates the communications process along the way. She’s the friendly person at the other end of the toll-free number.

Previously, Delora served community service and health care roles for 25 years. She worked for the state prison system in the inmate reintegration program – helping inmates with training, writing resumes and obtaining licenses. She also spent time in community outreach roles working with people in homeless shelters, group homes, churches and food pantries, where she educated people on available resources and healthy living advice.

Delora has also held positions in hospitals, clinics and offices where she has served in customer service roles. Delora has previously held positions at the Blood Center of Wisconsin, Aurora Health Care and Covenant HealthCare.

She wants to be of service to others and finds the most satisfaction in roles that allow her to interact with and serve others. She has two adult children and four grandchildren. On the side, Delora operates a wedding planner business – mostly offered to friends and family. Here, she puts her organizational skills to work creating memorable life events. 

Direct: 414-246-2359 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: delora.bolden@lsswis.org

IRIS referral specialist

Ebony Evans 
Referral Specialist

When you call Connections, you may speak with Ebony Evans who serves as one of our referral specialists. She offers exceptional customer service with a smile for all who call Connections to begin their relationship with us or to answer ongoing questions.

Ebony previously served as the hub of Lutheran Social Services’ headquarters where she warmly greeted visitors as the frontdesk receptionist and administrative assistant. After working as a homemaker, her position at LSS was a nice transition back into the workforce. Before that, Ebony served as an administrative assistant for New Life Community Church in Tyler, Texas, where she handled phone duties, managed schedules for the church staff and on-boarded new employees. She also gained experience working at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as a lead service assistant handling inbound and outboard calls and keyboarding news items.

Ebony holds an associates degree in psychology from Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas, and she’s currently working toward her bachelor’s degree in psychology.

She's a passionate homemaker and has been married for 8 years. She’s excited work with IRIS participants because she knows firsthand the benefits of the program because her mother-in-law and sister-in-law are IRIS participants. Ebony loves that the program encourages participants to become involved with the community.

Direct: 414-246-2709 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Cell: 414-758-0255 | Email: ebony.evans@lsswis.org

Jacinta Shaw-Webb

Quality Improvement Coordinator

Jacinta is passionate about helping people connect to the resources and services they need. She works hard to find solutions when necessary and is very resourceful. As a long-time resident of Milwaukee, Jacinta has spent several years working with individuals and programs to improve services provided to the most vulnerable populations. She is very active in the community working as a volunteer with youth education groups, seniors, and the animal shelter.

Jacinta is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in Business marketing and operational management with an emphasis in Process and Quality Improvement. Jacinta’s work of community outreach spans over 10 years connecting families, young adults and small businesses to community resources. Jacinta spent several years in corporate charitable giving before coming to Lutheran Social Services to serve on the Quality team. Jacinta is excited to join the Connections team as the Quality Improvement Coordinator to assist the team in continuing our efforts providing quality services to the communities we serve.

In her free time Jacinta loves spending time outdoors working in the yard, hiking, and visiting the county parks

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-319-9419 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: jacinta.shaw-webb@lsswis.org

Jacinta Shaw-Webb State Bio Form

Alesia Tweedie

Training Coordinator 

Alesia has dedicated her continuing education to support individuals in living a purposeful and meaningful life. She has worked in the mental health field since 2009 and will continue to bring her education and experiences to my community. Alesia is currently completing her Masters of Science in Community Psychology -LPC with intent to continue to serve her community. Some areas of expertise include, Mental Health, AODA, LGBTQ Services, Trauma, Marriage & Family counseling, Aging & Disability and Grief counseling. Alesia takes pride in supporting you to begin your healing journey.

Alesia loves anything and everything to do with being outdoors! Being in nature is her serenity; she enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and backpacking. Aside from her roles in her career and as a student, she loves to connect with her community; Alesia is an active participant advocate for the Mental Health community and Women’s support in Milwaukee.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-207-2919 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: alesia.tweedie@lsswis.org

Alesia Tweedie State Bio Form

Stephanie Weber
Long-Term Care Functional Screener

Stephanie Weber has spent her career working with individuals with developmental disabilities and the frail elderly. She has worked as a case manager as well as in the Milwaukee County Aging Resource Center, determining eligibility for individuals interested in pursuing services through long-term care programs.  Stephanie is a graduate of Ottawa University and is certified by the State of Wisconsin as a long-term care functional screener.

Tiffany Kneeland
Long-Term Care Functional Screener

Tiffany Kneeland has devoted her 20-year career to helping people with disabilities and older adults live their best lives possible. While she's worked with individuals in various settings, she loves the self-direction aspect fo the IRIS program and is excited to help individual self-direct support an services as an IRIS consultant with Connections.

Most recently, Tiffany served Milwaukee IRIS program participants as an orientation consultant. Prior to her work in the IRIS program, Tiffany served as a care manager assisting people in the Family Care program in Milwaukee, working with individuals with physical and developmental disabilities and older adults. She also worked as a program supervisor in a group home that cared for adults with disabilities. 

Tiffany especially loves working for the IRIS program because it encourages independence, so each individual is able to discover his or her strengths within the community setting. She also enjoys working to bring out the "hidden talents" of participants in the program so they are able to offer the best of themselves to their communities.

Colleen Peterson 
Long-Term Care Functional Screener 

Colleen was born and raised in Racine and has recently returned to the area after spending the last 30 years in Madison, WI. She has over 25 years of experience working with adults with developmental disabilities. Over those 25 years, she has had many different roles in helping people live a meaningful life. Colleen started her career as a direct care worker for a residential supported living agency which led to her work as a residential case manager. She also has experience in supported employment and her most recent role was as a support broker in Dane County.

Colleen believes in helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives, helping people get connected in their community, and helping community members see the gifts that people have to offer.

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 414-639-5350 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: colleen.peterson@lsswis.org

Consultant to Connections IRIS program

Vince Maro 

Vince Maro provides support to the Connections team regarding a variety of   challenging issues for participants including positive behavior support, relocation planning and county long-term care relationships.

Vince has worked in long-term care in various positions and capacities for 40 years, 33 of these years for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. During that time, he has supported and assisted people with disabilities across the lifespan, from young children through those aging. In addition, he has supported and worked with county human service agencies, providers within the long-term care system, advocacy groups and managed-care organizations. This experience has spanned the evolution and growth of Wisconsin’s long-term care system, which included the early deinstitutionalization of state centers, the Community Options Program (COP), the community-based MA Waivers (CIP 1, COP-W and CIP 2) through today’s Family Care, Partnership and IRIS programs. Throughout this time, self-determination and person-centered planning has been the core of his work.

Vince assists and supports the independent consultants as they work with IRIS participants with significant challenges, including neurological, physical and behavioral issues. The focus is to assist the person, their families and guardians with community resources/support so they may continue to live in their home communities. He also assists the Connections team with ongoing communication and collaboration efforts with county human service agencies, including Adult Protective Services (APS), Mental Health and Children Long-Term Support (18 years) units. Vince provides training to Connections staff in the areas of Positive Behavior Support and Adult Protection/Abuse & Neglect.

Vince is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with a master’s degree in speech pathology. He enjoys being outdoors, growing vegetables and operates Coon Creek Family Farm with his wife, Julie.

Terry Lynch IRIS program aging expert

Terry Lynch 
Specialist on Empowered Aging 

Terry Lynch is the owner of Strategies for Independent Aging and has been engaged in long-term care advocacy for 30 years, including active participation in Wisconsin’s self-determination movement. He is excited to be part of Connections because of its unique approach to empowering IRIS participants and LSS’s long-standing commitment to social justice. He believes his work with Connections provides an exceptional opportunity to develop effective strategies for empowering older adults and enabling family caregivers to maintain the quality of their own lives.

Terry’s work activities have included: involvement in the de-institutionalization and community integration of people with developmental disabilities; involvement in Wisconsin’s long-term care reform initiative; consultation and staff training in the Family Care and IRIS programs; speaking and training at state and local aging-related events; and motivational speaking at family caregiver and direct care worker events.

Terry has served on: the Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long-term Care and the Committee on Aging and Chronic Conditions (long-term care re-design); the Board of the Racine County Aging and Disability Resource Center; the Policy Advocacy Committee of the Alzheimer’s Association of SE Wisconsin; and various other long-term care-related boards and committees.

He is a resident of Racine, where he experienced what he considers to be the “most profound learning experience” of his life as his mother’s caregiver. This experience has set the foundation for his work on behalf of other older adults and their family caregivers.

Terry is a University of Wisconsin–Madison graduate, where he also received his master’s degree in history and education. 

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