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IRIS self-directed personal careIRIS self-directed personal care (IRIS SDPC) is an option for receiving personal care that is available to all people who receive support and services through IRIS, regardless of which IRIS consultant agency they select. If you are in the IRIS program in Wisconsin, your IRIS consultant will discuss the IRIS SDPC option with you as part of the process of helping you see the many possibilities IRIS offers to help you get the life you want.



How do I know if I am eligible for IRIS self-directed personal care?

If you require hands-on assistance with your daily-living activities because of limitations, you may be eligible to receive personal-care services under the IRIS program. If you’re already receiving service through a Medicaid Personal Care Agency (MAPC), you already qualify. If you are not currently receiving MAPC, your IRIS consultant will work with you to determine your interest and eligibility for self-directed personal care, and discuss how the two personal care programs differ from one another.

Are there important benefits of self-directed personal care?

Yes! With this program, you have the authority to hire, supervise and manage your personal-care staff. The program gives you the flexibility to coordinate personal-care services with other services that you require – including care provided outside your home. With IRIS SDPC, you may hire family members, including your spouse or siblings, to provide this care – a feature many people find helpful and appealing.

How do I begin the process of receiving self-directed personal care?

If you're interested and eligible, your IRIS consultant will work with you to connect with an SDPC-registered nurse to help you develop a plan, called “My Cares,” to address your personal care needs. Once enrolled, an SDPC RN will partner with you to oversee your My Cares plan.

May I use an agency to hire my self-directed personal care workers?

No, you may not. Personal care provided through an agency is available through your Wisconsin Medicaid ForwardHealth Card. If you choose to self-direct your personal care, you are required to employ personal care workers directly through the IRIS SDPC program. 

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