Coua Numa (Thao), Eligibility Coordinator

Coua Numa (Thao)

Eligibility Coordinator 

Nyob Zoo! (Hello!) Coua Thao, a Hmong native to Appleton, WI, was the first in her family to attend college. She received her Technical Diploma in Office Assistant from Fox Valley Technical College in 2006 and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Services Leadership from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 2013.
After graduation, Coua served 4 years as a Resettlement Manager for World Relief. She spent half of her time resettling Refugees to the Fox Cities. Her work consisted of establishing housing, employment, life skills, and extended case management. Her other half was managing a small staff, monitoring and auditing case files, and reporting program outcomes to the state. Coua brings over 15 years of Customer Service and her bi-lingual skills to Connections. Currently, she works part-time at Aurora Medical Center as a Pharmacy Technician and is studying for her PTCB.
Coua values education, relationships, and believes in 1Peter 4:10, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others…” Coua’s knowledge of culture and understanding of diverse backgrounds makes her a compassionate, caring worker to all the clients she works with. Coua values each individual’s abilities and beliefs; and believes in meeting each person where they are at in their walk of life. She also believes success can be achieved given the right tools and guidance.
During her free time, Coua enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and singing!

Hmong Translation

Nyob Zoo!

Cua Thoj, yog ib tus ntxhais Hmoob nyob hauv lub nroog Appleton, xeev WI. Nws yog thawj tus ntxhais hauv nws tsev neeg kawm tiav qib siab. Nws tau txais nws daim Diploma ntawm Fox Valley Technical College, xyoo 2006 thiab kawm tiav nwg daim Bachelor's degree hauv Human Services Leadership ntawm University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, xyoo 2013.

Tom qab kawm tiav, Cua tau ua tus Thawj Tuav Dej Num tau 4 xyoos rau lub koom haum World Relief. Nws txoj hauj lwm yog txais tos cov neeg kiav teb chaws tawg rog tuaj rau lub nroog Fox Cities. Nws tau siv ib nrab ntawm nws lub sij hawm nrhiav vaj tse, nrhiav hauj lwm, pab qhia kev txawj ntse hauv lub neej, thiab ua tus Case Worker rau cov neeg uas pab tsis tau nws tus keej. Nws ib nrab yog tswj tus neeg ua haujlwm, saib xyuas thiab kev tshawb xyuas cov ntaub ntawv, thiab npaj xa cov ntaub ntawv mus rau lub xeev Wisconsin. Cua coj tau li 15 xyoos ntawm Kev Pab Cuam Haujlwm Pab Tib Neeg thiab nws txoj kev txawj hais ob hom lus rau Connections. Tam sim no, nws ua haujlwm ib nrab hnub hauv Aurora Medical Center ua Pharmacy Technician thiab nws tseem kawm nws daim PTCB.

Qhov tseem ceeb rau Cua yog kev kawm, kev sib raug zoo, thiab kev ntseeg los ntawm cov lus 1Petus 4:10, "Txhua tus yuav tsum siv txhua yam khoom pub uas koj tau txais los ua haujlwm rau lwm tus ..." Cua kev paub txog kev coj noj coj ua thiab kev totaub ntawm ntau haiv neeg pab txhawb nws thiab ua rau nws mob siab ua haujlwm zoo. Tsis tas li ntawd, Cua totaub thiab hwm txhua tus neeg lub peev xwm thiab kev ntseeg. Nws ntseeg hais tias, ib txoj kev yuav pab tau lwm tus yuav tsum tau nqis tes, mus ntsib tus neeg ntawm nws lub neej. Nws kuj ntseeg tau hais tias txhua tus neeg yuav ntsib kev vam meej yog tias muaj kev kawm  qhia thiab kev pab lwm tus.

Thaum lub sijhawm nws tuaj yeem, Cua nyiam siv sijhawm nrog tsev neeg thiab phooj ywg, ua zaub mov, thiab hu nkauj!

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Direct: 920-574-6335 | Fax: 844-638-7723 Email: coua.thao@lsswis.org

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