Irina Arndt, IRIS Consultant

Irina Arndt

IRIS Consultant 

Irina Arndt has dedicated her entire career to human services, helping people with various life challenges lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. From The Republic of Uzbekistan, Irina speaks fluent Russian. Before joining the Connections Team, Irina worked with another IRIS consultant agency, helping older adults and people with disabilities, as well as their families and caregivers, set and achieve goals.

Passionate about public health, Irina has worked as a translator for doctors and patients, translating appointments, medical documents and forms. She also participated in a two-year World Health Organization (WHO) project to help Uzbekistan improve and develop their public health sphere, as well as restructure their health care system to match with international practice. Through this program, Irina took courses within the United Nations Development Program. She also used her human services skills to educate people in the Russian community about domestic violence and spousal abuse.

Throughout her work, Irina believes in open and honest communication with her participants. By guiding them in setting, defining and achieving their goals, Irina helps them live independent, safe and happy lives.

When not working as an IRIS Consultant, Irina loves spending time with her three sons. She also enjoys reading, exercising and painting and repurposing furniture.

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