Rebecca Glamm, BA/OTE Coordinator

Rebecca Glamm

BA/OTE Coordinator 

Becky brings with her five years of experience working as an IRIS Consultant for another agency.  She has assisted individuals of all ages, from high school through end of life.  She has a family member on the autism spectrum.  As such, she is sensitive to the challenges faced by those with developmental disabilities and encourages their efforts to live the fullest life possible.  Becky strongly believes that all people should be active members of the community.  For fifteen years, she ran a volunteer organization that provided monthly social and recreational activities for families with special needs children.

Becky enjoys learning about other cultures. As an IRIS Consultant, she has partnered with many Russian speaking participants (though she never learned the language!).  When not working, her favorite activities are folk dancing and travel. 

Toll-free: 844-520-1712 | Cell: 262-957-6744 | Fax: 844-638-7723 | Email: Rebecca.Glamm@lsswis.org 

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